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8 thoughts on “ Music Came First

  1. Grolkis
    Muse, no, not like that—-for many tunes (not all), the dance came first, meaning there was this hornpipe dance that people knew, there were already existing melodies for it, but people wanted a greater variety of melodies and so the musicians composed new ones to fit the existing form and rhythm—-sometimes brand new melodies, and sometimes melodies borrowed from existing airs and laments.
  2. Vumi
    Sep 20,  · Music came FIRST. The language part came later. Pulling together evidence from infant development, language acquisition, and music cognition, the .
  3. Mauzilkree
    According to Easton's Bible Dictionary, Jubal was named by the Bible as the inventor of musical instruments (Gen. ). The Hebrews were much given to the cultivation of music. Their whole history and literature afford abundant evidence of this. After the Deluge, the first mention of music is in the account of Laban's interview with Jacob (Gen. ).
  4. Vukora
    Aug 09,  · That was the first time I made a demo tape for a theme song and the music for the first few stages. Fortunately, those pieces I wrote matched .
  5. Viramar
    Sep 07,  · While the first hand axes and spears date back about million years and , years respectively, the earliest known musical instruments are .
  6. Tazahn
    Aug 17,  · DLDC took a look into the age old question What did come first? The Music or the Dance? We'll let you decide.
  7. Mazunris
    The infusion of music into the film venue is speculated to have happened for many reasons. Many of the films came with a "suggestion list" of what music to play in which scene. It was Birth of a Nation that was the first to have a score compiled specifically for it.
  8. Faunos
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