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  1. Nelrajas
    The idea seems straightforward enough—get rid of checks and give all employees a paycard. That way, the employer is “ percent electronic:” employees who had previously chosen Direct Deposit were already paid electronically, and now employees who were paid by paper check .
  2. Temi
    Nov 08,  · Next write a check to Company A from Company B, under the expense tab enter "Accounts Payable", under customer:job in the check enter in the Vendor. This creates a credit on the vendor's account. Go to pay bills, click on the vendor's bill and click on apply credits.
  3. Nanos
    Sep 05,  · An American Bankers Association survey found in 22 percent of the cases, banks lose money because of fake checks where the victim is a small business. Fraudsters may use fake checks to “pay.
  4. Nikoshicage
    Dec 03,  · You can also write the reimbursement check to the employee, but under the Expenses tab use the Accounts Payable account and be sure to enter the vendor's name under the Customer:Job column.. Then go to Pay Bills, check off the $20, bill, then click Set Credits toward the bottom of the screen. The check to the employee should show up as a credit to offset the bill from the vendor.
  5. Meztim
    When you write a check in the pay bills window. QuickBooks automatically decreases (debits) the accounts payable account. payments on account. is a person or business to which the company sells goods or services to, either on account or for cash. the collection of all customer files.
  6. Tagami
    May 06,  · Assuming that a check has cleared is dangerous. Sometimes an honest mistake causes problems, and sometimes con artists take advantage of misunderstandings about how checks clear. A common scam involves paying somebody with a check (especially a fake cashier's check or money order), but paying too much. Next, the con artist asks the victim to.
  7. Kazrazilkree
    Jun 24,  · If you still write checks to pay various bills – actual physical checks, not withdrawals made from a check card – there's a new and growing form of check-c.
  8. Nit
    when deleting a check all of the following is true except: it is better to delete the check than void in order to erase all records of the transactions when reconciling a bank account, which one of the following is considered a timing difference (difference between the bank balance and the book balance)?

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