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9 thoughts on “ Unforming - Radioset - Demos And Other Such Things (CDr)

  1. Zulkira
    Its a Swans live album, and as expected the sheer intensity they put into the performance is incredible enough to make this worth a listen. The To Be Kind tracks are pretty similar to the album versions.
  2. Meztizuru
    The rechargeable Radio Recorder is a radio lover’s dream come true. It lets you record your favorite shows at the touch of a button even shortwave programs from other countries. • Versatile, cordless portable radio • AM and FM digital stereo receiver • Shortwave receiver for .
  3. Vigul
    Other options can include creating a profile on Soundcloud, Audioboo or Mixcloud to load your demo on. Follow up your demo tape. Don't be too impatient as we have said PC's are busy people so give it a couple of weeks for them to get round to it. Follow up your demo with a phone call to see if they got your demo not that they listened to it.
  4. Gabei
    But one thing’s for sure - they need to be clear, bright and compelling." What else to put in. Your CV. Don't lie on it: almost every radio DJ of a certain age seems to claim that they've worked on Radio Caroline, or amplify one swing shift into "drivetime". Programme Controllers do talk to each other!
  5. Zulujar
    This area of the ARRL web looks at some Amateur Radio operating modes and special systems from a "technology" perspective. Consult the On the Air and Operating Specialties pages for more infomation on what it is like to use these features.. A "mode" can be either a modulation mode like AM or FM, or it can be an operating mode like voice, Morse, or packet.
  6. Maujora
    Start studying RADIO IDENTIFIER. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.
  7. Taut
    To the average consumer, a walkie-talkie might as well work on the same frequencies an AM/FM radio does. To GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and two-way radio purists, that could not be further from the truth. Since GMRS requires an FCC license and call sign, many two-way radio users restrict themselves to the lower power [ ].
  8. Vocage
    Even with a cell phone signal booster, you still don’t want to rely solely on a cell network as your only means of survival communication.. For small, individual emergencies (such as fender-benders or house fires), cell phones are great, but for widespread or large disasters, they cannot be trusted.. For example, 70% of the cell towers were out of operation for multiple days during Hurricane.
  9. Neshakar
    Aug 27,  · Weather and other elements can also cause power outages and downed phone lines that cut off all forms of communication, unless you have a two-way radio. 4. Stand Up To “Ouch” & “Splash” Dropping a cell phone can easily be the end of a device but commercial two-way radios are a different beast entirely. Radios are made to stand up to the.

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